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Complete Analysis and Designs of all type of foundations for new buildings and civil structures of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, transportation stations and facilities, public works, telecommunications, federal and municipal buildings, .libraries, post offices, warehouse and garage facilities, schools, dormitories, hospitality buildings, churches and synagogues, senior housing and assisted living facilities, strip malls, shopping centers, and marine projects among others. Some of the specific foundation designs are listed below:

• Evaluation and assessment of existing damaged foundations and forensic investigations.


• Investigation of cracked foundation walls and basement/garage slabs on grade.

• Pile supported structures with Timber, Steel, Concrete, or Fiberglass piles.

• Reinforced Concrete Retaining and Basement Walls.

• Shallow Spread Footings and Mat Foundations.

• Box Culverts, Abutments, Piers, and Combined Footings for Bridges.

• Elevated Pile Cap, Concrete Girders and Batter piles under lateral loads.

• Soil-Structure Interaction evaluation of buildings under seismic conditions.

• Wharves, Marine Piers, and Pedestrian bridges on piles.

• Foundation supports for cooling towers and heavy machinery and industrial equipment.

• Pile foundations for steel storage tanks for oil and chemicals with containment concrete walls.

• Silo foundation for paper packaging company.

• Shallow and pile foundations for prefabricated metal buildings.

• Office building and equipment foundations for environmental cleanup super-fund site.

• Mat foundation for a steel frame structure for an incinerator in Puerto Rico


The company provides a variety of services in the field of structural engineering ranging from preliminary designs and feasibility studies to complete structural packages for owners, developers, architects, contractors, or other engineering firms for new projects or for expansion of existing buildings and facilities. The structural engineering services provided include the analysis and designs of the following type of structural systems:

• Additions, renovations, alterations, and designs for existing and new house framing systems.

• Evaluations and assessments of damaged and Conventional wood and timber structures for residential and light commercial buildings.

• Load bearing Masonry buildings with precast concrete planks.

• Low-rise buildings with light gage metal stud wall and floor framing systems.

• Reinforced concrete Buildings with all kinds of floor systems and lateral load resisting framing.

• Steel Buildings with rigid, braced frames, and combination of framing systems for lateral loads.

• Canopies, Free standing structures for signs, billboards, light and flag poles, and antennas

• Supports for HVAC, electrical, fire protection, plumbing, mechanical and roof top equipment.

• Supports for food and pharmaceutical processing facilities equipments and buildings.

• 3-D Modeling of complicated structural framing systems.

• Platforms and mezzanines framed with fiberglass members.

• Anti-Blast storage rooms.

• Office buildings and warehouse facilities for an Industrial Park.


The company uses state-of-the art and industry accepted structural analysis software for the analysis and design of the structural members part of the framing system selected for the building. The production tasks to generate the structural plans are streamlined and optimized by making use of practical interfaces between the architectural plans and the structural systems. As part of the coordination between the architectural designs and the proposed structural systems, 3D visualizations are offered to the architect and clients to preview the final designs prior to completing the final project.


The use of light weight fabric materials is very popular to cover large areas with minimum obstructions and provides the flexibility to arrange a variety of shapes and unconventional architectural roof forms that are appealing to the view and functional for the intended use. They can be used in parking garages, building entrances, pool shades, malls, stadiums, promenades, music band stage areas, outdoor shows and concerts, atriums, restaurants, roof top plazas, pedestrian walkways for train stations, canopies of all types and forms, temporary and permanent storage areas, boat covers, kiosks for exhibition shows, and other type of roof coverings where the light weight characteristics of the tensioned fabric allows for ease of installation. Some of the specific tasks involved for this type of structures are listed below:

• Analysis and design of tents, masts, poles, guy down cables, and anchorage of tents to supports.

• Design of tensioned light weight fabric roof on steel frames and cable net structures.

• Modeling of different types of roof canopy structures to support light weight tensioned fabric.

• Design of weldments, cables, connectors, and steel frame to support 3-D fabric roof systems.


The market for new and existing homes, buildings, and facilities requires that buyers and sellers have a very good idea of the existing conditions of the structural systems of the properties being negotiated prior to closing the deals. PRM Engineering offers complete evaluation, investigation, and assessments of the properties mentioned above to determine if there are pre-existing and unsound conditions that would need to be fixed or corrected or to identify if there are serious structural deficiencies which will pose significant risk or unsafe conditions, or conditions which will require significant investments of money due to structural deficiencies or not compliance with building codes.

• Assessment of existing framing and wall conditions of new and existing houses.

• Due diligence investigations of existing homes, buildings, and facilities.

• Structural survey of existing buildings to produce as-built plans, identify material types, and provide an assessment of the existing framing systems to comply with the Building Codes.

• Evaluate load carrying capacity of existing framing systems for specified loading conditions.


In today's market where projects need to be completed in a fast-track manner or design build projects are pushed through the construction pipeline, it is often common to find structural framing systems that are either under-designed or grossly over-designed. The company offers the project owners, architects, or contractors options to evaluate the proposed structural systems for new buildings and projects to determine if there are better and most economical systems that will permit to complete the jobs safer and within the proposed budgets and time frames.

• Provide a complete review of the structural systems of a project and suggest recommendations to optimize or rearrange the structural systems to achieve more economical framing systems and identify areas of the structure that may have constructability problems due to conflicts in arrangements of the different materials part of the overall framing system.

• Perform Peer Reviews of framing and foundations for structural projects.


The building industry is constantly evolving with new challenges to build, faster, better, cheaper, and safer, and to satisfy tight construction schedules and budgets, the engineers are faced to come up with materials and construction methods to satisfy and meet the demands of the future construction projects. Sustainable and renewable materials, better insulation systems, alternative power and ventilation systems, light weight framing systems, recyclable building products, and smart hurricane, seismic, and flood resistant systems make projects more energy efficient and long lasting for years to come.

To achieve the goals described above PRM Engineering offers the experience of more than 35 years of knowledge and expertise in both the theoretical and practical fields of civil and structural engineering with emphasis in applied new technologies and materials to better build new projects.


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