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 More than 35 years experience in Civil and Structural Engineering


 Master of Membrane Structures, Anhalt University, Institute of Membrane                  and Shell Technologies, Dessau, Germany, 2018

 Ph.D., Structural Engineering, New Jersey Institute of Technology,            Newark , NJ , 1994

 MSCE, New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark , NJ , 1987

 BSCE (Cum Laude), University of Cartagena , Colombia , 1979



2004 Present Principal of PRM Engineering, LLC - Structural Consulting Engineers

PRM Engineering, LLC _______________________________-------------------_Newburyport , Massachusetts

  Civil and Structural Consulting Engineering specialized in Residential, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Educational, Marine, and Transportation Projects.

  Other Consulting Services include: Foundation Analysis and Design, Tensioned Fabric Roof structures, Building Investigations and Structural Assessments, Value Engineering, Forensic Engineering, and Applied Technology.

  Construction Phase Services are offered for Building Projects Supervision, Claims and Change Orders Review and Evaluations, Shop Drawing Reviews, On-Site Engineering Services to address changed site conditions, and emergency structural repairs and fast-track engineering services.

  Dynamic and Finite Element Analysis and Designs of complex structural engineering projects, including modeling of underground structures, 3D irregular buildings and frameworks, industrial support of heavy machinery, mat foundations for tall stacks, soil structure and soil-water-structure interaction projects.

  Design of Residential, Commercial, Institutional, and Light Industrial Projects.

  Feasibility Studies for Civil and Structural Engineering Projects.


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2001- 2004 Senior Structural Engineer

DMJM+HARRIS-AECOM__________________________________----------------__Boston , Massachusetts

  Structural Design of Transportation Facilities for MBTA and MVRTA. Including Platforms, Canopies, Station Additions, and Miscellaneous Site Structures.

  Analysis and Design of Reinforced Concrete Boat Section for New Freight Rail Line in Rhode Island . Design of Pier Foundations for Freight Rail Bridge .

  Design of small additions to various regional airports in Massachusetts and New Hampshire as part of the TSA Baggage and Luggage Screening Upgrade system to Airports.

  Design of Remedial work for the Building Facilities of Pier 6 at San Juan Port in Puerto Rico .

  Design of upgrade to floor system to support the new Scanning Device Machines at Providence Airport in Rhode Island .

  Engineer in Charge of Structural Design and Overseeing of construction of new Baggage Screening Upgrade Facilities for MASSPORT as part of the Federal Mandate to comply with 100% screening of baggage and luggage at LOGAN Airport .

  Structural Design Review of the New Convention Center and Union Station Projects in Springfield ,   Massachusetts .


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2000-September 2001 Structural Consulting Engineer

Process Facilities Inc. ____________________________________--------------------__Boston , Massachusetts

  Working in a multi-disciplinary environment as a structural consultant, provided technical support to the architectural, mechanical, process, and project manager groups.

  Analysis and design of structures to support mechanical equipment and components in buildings for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and other process facilities throughout the USA .

  Investigated existing buildings and evaluated the adequacy of existing structural systems to support heavy machinery, equipment and large roof top units. Performed Inspection of existing facilities and prepared detailed evaluation reports of existing building conditions.

  Designed structural framing modifications, alterations, and additions to existing front entrance canopy of existing process facility. Evaluated load capacity of existing roof structures to support new roof top equipment and specified design code snow, wind, and seismic loads.

  Designed foundation to support steel frame structures to access tanks, vessels, and ground floor equipment. Analyzed pile supported structures to accommodate irregular pile layout configurations due to pile driving deviations. Designed mat foundations to support small addition to existing facility.

  Performed Finite Element Analysis of an existing reinforced concrete building composed of two-way flat plate concrete slab, circular columns, and spandrel beams.

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1998-2000 Senior Project Engineer

Birdair Inc. __________________________________________________-----------------_Amherst , New York

  Analysis and design of tensile fabric roof structures.

  Evaluation of design loads, design of fabric, cables, steel members, connections, and base plates.

  Modeling of tensile roof systems using Birdair Inc. proprietary software MCM2000 for the nonlinear analysis of tensile membranes and cable systems.

  Generation of fabric pattern models for manufacturing of templates and fabric assemblies of various types of tensile roof systems, including: stair canopies, pedestrian bridge roof, parking garage canopies, circular domes, and other types of tensile fabric roof systems.

  Collaborated with sales and proposal groups to perform preliminary analysis, evaluation of tensile roof systems, and calculation of reaction forces induced to the structural supports of the fabric.

  Coordinated with the designers the elaboration of all the necessary interface, steel, clamping, cables, fabric and installation drawings.

  Interacted with project managers, the manufacturing department, and the site supervisors to coordinate all aspects of design, fabrication, and installation of fabric roof structures.


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1988-1998 Project/Structural Engineer

Paul Beck Associates, P.A., Structural Engineers __________________-----------------_Wayne , New Jersey

  Managed all aspects of structural analysis and design for residential, commercial, institutional, industrial and civil engineering projects, including complete coordination with architect, contractor, manufacturers and owner.

  Performed the structural analysis and design of steel, reinforced concrete, wood structures, retaining walls, mat foundations, piles, drilled piers, and bases for industrial equipment under static and dynamic loads complying with local and national building codes.

  Surveyed and performed structural evaluation for repairs to a 7-level concrete deck parking garage and other existing building structures for retrofitting, renovations and alterations.

  Designed concrete structures reinforced with fiberglass reinforcing bars.

  Implemented the use of MathCad software for electronic calculations of wind, seismic, and snow design loads. Coordinated the production of CAD drawings and interfaced STAAD/Pro and RAM Analysis with AutoCad to generate 2-D and 3-D structural framing plans and elevations for analysis and drafting.

  Performed the analysis and design of tensile structures and their structural supports.

  Experienced user of STAAD/Pro , RAM Analysis and other structural engineering software.


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1980-1985 Structural Design Engineer

Ingetec S.A., ___________________________________________________------------------_Bogota, Colombia

  Participated with other designers and draftsmen in developing the preliminary studies and final structural design of major structures for hydroelectric projects and pumping stations.

  Performed the structural analysis and design of steel, concrete, wood structures, deep and shallow foundations, pavements and precast concrete.

  Other design work included the soil-structure interaction analysis of deep piles and concrete structures immersed in water.


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On a part time basis performed the complete structural analysis and design of a five-story reinforced concrete building for the Telecommunications company of Colombia .

1979 Assistant Civil Engineer

Arca Ltda., _________________________________________________-----------------_Cartagena, Colombia

  Designed and supervised the construction of a storm and sewer system for an industrial facility.

  Implemented commercial software for small businesses and technical support to clients.


1978 Field Supervisor and Surveyor

Vikingos S.A., _______________________________________________-----------------_Cartagena, Colombia

  Supervised the dredging, earth movement, backfilling and open channel construction operations for a new fishing dock pier.

  Surveyed fishing plant property.

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1994-1998 Adjunct Professor

New Jersey Institute of Technology, ____________________________-------------_Newark , New Jersey

  Taught undergraduate students Structural Analysis, Concrete Design, Design of Masonry and Wood structures, Strength of Materials and Statics.


1988-1992 Research Assistant

New Jersey Institute of Technology,____________________________---------------_Newark , New Jersey

  Participated in research and testing of biaxially loaded reinforced concrete columns. Conducted experimental testing of small-scale biaxially loaded concrete-encased composite columns under short term static loads using an MTS testing system.


1986-1988 Teaching Assistant

New Jersey Institute of Technology, ___________________________---------------__Newark , New Jersey

  Provided tutorial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students of the Civil Engineering Department. Graded papers, homework and reports. Assisted in instruction of laboratory testing and course teaching in absence of professor. Wrote reference manual for STRUDL software.


1977-1978 Hydraulics Laboratory Assistant

University of Cartagena, _____________________________________------                  Cartagena ,Colombia

Conducted hydraulic experiments, tutor and graded the undergraduate students.

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ACI and AISC Seminars and Lectures

BSCES Seminars




NCEES - Council Record with the National Council of Examiners for Engineers and Surveyors.

Professional Engineer Licensed in the States of: New Jersey , Massachusetts , New Hampshire, Indiana,         New York , California , Washington , Maine , Connecticut , Maryland , North Carolina , Utah ,                                       North Carolina ,  Rhode Island , Colorado, and Florida .



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