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  • One and Two Family Wood Frame Houses
  • Custom made Ranch type Homes
  • Swimming Pools and Retaining Walls
  • Town Houses Developments
  • Additions, Alterations, and Renovations to existing Houses
  • Structural Evaluations and Inspections of Housing Projects and Roof Structures
  • Temporary and Permanent Housing Projects, Design for High wind loads
  • Retrofitting of 2-story Housing Projects




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  • New Churches, Synagogues and Places of Worship
  • Additions, Renovations, and Alterations to Existing Churches
  • Renovations and Additions to Existing Elementary Schools
  • New Public Libraries
  • New Community Centers
  • Prefabricated Modular Elementary School
  • Renovation of existing buildings for College Facilities
  • 4-Story Staircase Addition for High School
  • New Ramps, Elevator Shafts, and Staircases for Educational and Church Buildings
  • Renovations to existing Municipal Buildings and Fire Houses


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  • Conversion of Old Theater building into a Commercial and Small Shopping Center
  • Survey, Inspection, Retrofitting, and Renovation of a 7-Story Reinforced Concrete deteriorated Parking Garage Structure
  • Design of Structural Steel Framing Trusses to support Stone Panels & Curtain Walls
  • Design of 3-D structure to support indoor recreational playground
  • Analysis and Design of tensile membrane structures, cable net systems, and tents
  • Design of 3-D steel frame to support sculpture
  • Design of Pier foundation to support 80 ft. High lighting poles
  • Retrofitting of 4-story steel frame structure to comply with latest seismic Code.
  • Design of 3-D steel frame structure to support Roof top Sign at 80 ft. above ground
  • Analysis and Design of Precast Concrete curtain wall panels
  • Fast track renovation of old office/warehouse building for Jet Company Headquarters
  • Radio Tower Foundation
  • Structural Evaluation of elevated pile supported structures under seismic loads.




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  • One and Two story Office Buildings and Banks
  • Warehouses and Distribution Centers
  • Bus Garages, Auto Dealerships, Service Facilities
  • Marketing Facilities for Oil Company
  • Restaurants & Fast food Stores
  • Renovations to Gas Stations and Post Offices
  • Renovations to Gymnasiums
  • New Supermarkets and Retail Stores
  • ShopRite, Pathmark, Caldor, Marshalls , Grand Union
  • New Shopping Centers, Drugstores and Marketplaces
  • Health Clubs, TV Studios, and Restaurants
  • Canopies, Signs, and Loading Docks
  • Roof Inspections for excessive Snow loads and heavy RTU's
  • Retrofitting of existing Roof and Roof structural framework to support New RTU's, File cabinets, and Mechanical and Electrical equipment
  • Design of 4-story Steel frame Office Building






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  • Anti Blast Storage Room
  • New Foundations and Bases for Heavy Mechanical Equipment
  • New Steel Framing to support Cooling Towers
  • New Facility for Food Processing Company in Washington State
  • New Steel Braced Frame for Staircase to access Cooling Tower Equipment
  • Pile Foundation to support Steel Storage Tanks
  • Inspection of Seaport Industrial Center Building for Food Processing Industry
  • Silo Foundation for Package Company
  • New Industrial Park Warehouse buildings
  • Prefabricated Metal Buildings and Foundations
  • Addition to existing Chemical Facility
  • New Mezzanines for Production Facility
  • Steel Frame structure for New Incinerator in Puerto Rico
  • Prefabricated Metal Building and Foundation for New Food Processing Plant in Utah
  • Treatment Building and Foundation for Storage Tanks
  • Foundation for New Equipment of Paper Company
  • Pile foundation for Prefabricated Metal building
  • New Office Building and Foundations for Equipment at Environmental Cleanup Site


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